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Latest Updates 11/03/2003

Only the bears on the top row are still available for purchase and I have very limited numbers of each left. They make great gifts, especially for Christmas! I have ONE Professor Danny bear left. All bears are $16.00 plus shipping and handling.

Danny Bear #1

Danny Bear #1

Danny Bear #2

Professor Danny

These are just some photos of my bear and critter collection, mostly “Danny” bears with a few Jack bears and other critters and the like, including some Sam dolls (and a new Sam bear that I don’t have a picture of yet), a Teal’c bear and more. I also now have a Janet bear and a Hammond bear that I need to photograph! Leah indulges me. <g>

Some of the menagerie

Close-ups of Jack and Danny bears

More of the zoo, including Teal’c Bear

Danny bear with Cloud Ascended Daniel

Jack Bear!

Jack bear goes fishing!

An xmas ornament that looks just like Sam!

Danny Bear at Best of Both Worlds in Australia

Danny Bear at BOBW watching Stargate

Some of the Danny bears who went to live in Oz

Danny was popular in Oz!

More admirers at BOBW

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